Time To Turn (remaster)
średni czas realizacji: od 2 do 60 dni 
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1. Through A Somber Galaxy 6:00
2. Behind The Walls Of Imagination 6:25
3. Magic Mirrors 4:32
4. Time To Turn 5:25
5. End Of An Odyssey 9:25
6. The Flash 5:34
7. Say' Is It Really True 4:45
All music composed and arranged by Eloy
Story by Frank Bornemann
Lyrics by Sigi Hausen

Frank Bornemann - Lead Vocals, Guitars (Gibson)
Klaus-Peter Matziol - Ibanez Bass Guitar (maxima strings), Taurus
Hannes Arkona - Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Hannes Folberth - Keyboards de luxe
Fritz Randow - Drums(exclusively on tama drums and Paiste Cymbals)

Special thanks to Sabine, Amy and Anne for their beautiful singing on "Time To Turn" Heiner Schadel, the 'farmers', Rose, musician's place, Matten and Wiechers, Rolf Kleeman, Brigitte (H...), Heinz-Gerd Lutticke, finally Hans A.Pestalozzi for inspiration

Welcome back to the band, Fritz!

Album recorded at Horus Sound Studio, Hannover, between August 1981 and February 1982
Recording and mixing Engineer: Jan Nemec (thanks to him for creative ideas and especially for stickingup with us)
Thanks to Thomas Rugel for recording some of the vocals
This album is produced by Frank Bornemann and Eloy

Cover Painting by Winfried Reinbacher


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Time To Turn (remaster)
CD 36.89 zł