Lionheart (reissue 2018)
średni czas realizacji: od 2 do 60 dni 
CD 53.89 zł
1. Symphony In Blue 3:36
2. In Search Of Peter Pan 3:46
3. Wow 3:58
4. Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake 3:12
5. Oh England My Lionheart 3:10
6. Fullhouse 3:13
7. In The Warm Room 3:35
8. Kashka From Baghdad 3:55
9. Coffee Homeground 3:38
10. Hammer Horror 4:39
Kate Bush - vocals, harmony vocals, piano, keyboards
Ian Bairnson - acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, electric guitar
Brian Bath - guitar
Paddy Bush - mandolin, harmony vocals, pan flute, slide guitar, mandocello
Richard Harvey - recorder
Duncan Mackay - synthesizer, Fender Rhodes
Francis Monkman - harpsichord, Hammond organ
Del Palmer - bass guitar
David Paton - bass guitar
Stuart Elliot - drums, percussion
Charlie Morgan - drums
Andrew Powell - piano, harmonium

Orchestral Contractor: David Katz
Vocals and Harmonies: Kate Bush

All songs written by Kate Bush, except:
"When You Wish Upon A Star" (Harline-Washington)
Produced and Arranged by Andrew Powell
Assisted by Kate Bush
Engineer: Jon Kelly
Assistant Engineer: Patrick Jauneaud
Recorded at Superbear Studios
Assistant Engineer on Mix: Nigel Walker
Art Direction and Photography: Gered Mankowitz

Sleeve Design: Richard Gray
Front Cover Concept: John Carder Bush
Make Up: Kirsty Climo
Hair: David Kelly

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Lionheart (reissue 2018)
CD 53.89 zł