Da Real World (2LP)
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LP 92.89 zł
LP 1
Side A:
1. Mysterious (Intro)
2. Beat Biters
3. Busa Rhyme [Featuring Eminem]
4. All N My Grill [Featuring Big Boi And Nicole Wray]
Side B:
1. Dangerous Mouths [Featuring Redman]
2. Hot Boyz
3. You Don't Know [Featuring Lil' Mo]
4. Mr. D.J. [Featuring Lady Saw]
5. Checkin' For You [Featuring Lil' Kim]
LP 2
Side C:
1. Stickin' Chickens [Featuring Aaliyah And Da Brat]
2. Smooth Chick
3. We Did It
4. Throw Your Hands Up (Interlude) [Featuring Lil' Kim]
Side D:
1. She's A Bitch
2. U Can't Resist [Featuring Juvenile And B.G.]
3. Crazy Feelings [Featuring Beyonce]]
4. Religious Blessings
Da Real World (2LP)
LP 92.89 zł