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artykuł dostępny "od ręki"
Side A:
1. World In My Eyes 4:28
2. The Sweetest Perfection 4:45
3. Personal Jesus 4:57
4. Halo 4:31
5. Waiting For The Night 6:08
Side B:
1. Enjoy The Silence 6:14
2. The Policy Of Truth 4:56
3. Blue Dress 5:41
4. Clean 5:33
All songs written by Martin L.Gore

Alan Wilder
David Gahan
Andrew Fletcher
Martin Gore

Produced by Depeche Mode and Flood

Mixed by Francois Kevorkian, except: "Enjoy The Silence" mixed by Daniel Miller and Flood
Recorded and mixed at: Logic Studios, Milan Puk Studios, Denmark, The Church, London, Master Rock Studios, London, Axis, New York
Engineered by Pino Pischetola, Peter Iversen, Steve Lyon, Goh Hotoda, Alan Gregorie, Dennis Mitchell, Phil Legg
Assisted by Daryl Bamonte, Dick Meany, David Browne, Mark Flannery, Ricky
Sleeve by Anton Corbijn and Area

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