Black Celebration
średni czas realizacji: od 7 do 21 dni 
LP 128.89 zł
Side A:
1. Black Celebration 4:57
2. Fly On The Windscreen - Final * 5:20
3. A Question Of Lust 4:23
4. Sometimes 1:55
5. It Doesn't Matter Two 2:52
Side B:
1. A Question Of Time 4:10
2. Stripped 4:18
3. Here Is The House 4:17
4. World Full Of Nothing 2:49
5. Dressed In Black 2:35
6. New Dress 3:44
All titles by M.L.Gore

Alan Wilder
Andrew Fletcher
David Gahan
Martin Gore

Produced by Depeche Mode, Gareth Jones and Daniel Miller

Assistant engineers were Richard Sullivan, London and Peter Schmidt, Berlin
Mastered by Tim Young

Programmed at Worldwide International
Recorded and mixed at Westside, London, and Hansa, Berlin except:
* - Recorded at Genetic by Dave Allen, assisted by Phil Tennant,
re-mixed at Hansa, Berlin
Covergestaltung: M.Atkins, D.A.Jones, M.Higenbottam at T+CP, London
Photography: Brian Griffin, assisted by Stuart Graham
Black Celebration
LP 128.89 zł