Songs Of Faith And Devotion
średni czas realizacji: od 7 do 21 dni 
LP 128.89 zł 99.99 zł
Side A:
1. I Feel You 4:35
2. Walking In My Shoes 5:34
3. Condemnation 3:19
4. Mercy In You 4:17
5. Judas 5:13
Side B:
1. In Your Room 6:26
2. Get Right With Me 3:52
3. Rush 4:37
4. One Caress 3:32
5. Higher Love 5:57
Andrew Fletcher
David Gahan
Martin Gore
Alan Wilder

Additional Vocals on "Get Right With Me": Bazil Meade, Hildia Campbell, Samantha Smith
Uilleann pipes on "Judas": Steafan Hannigan
Strings on "One Caress" arranged and conducted by Wil Malone

Mixed by Mark Sten, Depeche Mode & Flood
Recorded in Madrid & Hamburg (Chateau du Pape)
Mixed in London (Olympic Studios)
Engineered by Steve Lyon, Chris Dickie, Paul Kendall
Assisted by Jeremy Wheatley, Mark Einstmann, Shaun de Feo, Volke Schneider
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe
Album co-ordinated by Daryl Bamonte
Visual & art direction by Anton Corbijn
Sleeve designed by Anton Corbijn & Area
Songs Of Faith And Devotion
LP 128.89 zł 99.99 zł