Year Zero (2CD 10th anniversary edition) (digipak)
średni czas realizacji: od 14 do 30 dni 
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CD 1 - YEAR ZERO ? studio album:
I. Year Zeroverture 4:45
II. Belt Up 3:38
III. Ever The Optimist 3:43
IV. The Charlotte Suite 1:07
V. Haunted 4:21
VI. Democracy 9:53
VII. Baroque And Roll Dementia 2:26
VIII. A Deeper Understanding? 3:52
IX. The Jazz Suite 1:42
X. Take A Deep Breath And Hold On Tight 1:36
XI. I. Hindsight 1 - Piano And Clarinet 2:14
XI. II. Hindsight 2 - A Very Clever Guy Indeed 5:41
XII. The September Suite 3:45
XIII. World Watching 2:26
XIV. Deceptive Vistas / Postscript ? Perspective 4:44
CD 2: MR KYPS ? Live on 19 October 2002:
I. Year Zero Parts I - IV 13:33
II. Year Zero Part V 4:28
III. Year Zero Parts VI ? X 14:59
IV. Year Zero Parts XI ? XIV 10:58
V. Richelieus Prayer 8:42
Roy Keyworth - electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar on "Democracy", noisy effects and Ding Dong
Stuart Nicholson - most of the main singing, lots of background singing, ethereal choiry stuff, all the words and a teeny weenie amount of keyboard mayhem
Spencer Luckman - drums and all manner of strange percussive interludes
Dean Baker - An old but perfectly formed Fender Rhodes piano, Steam Driven Mellotron, reasonably stable Mini Moog, Taurus bass pedals, assorted modern digital synthesizers and rack mounted trickery, sampling, programming
Neil Pepper - bass guitar
Lord Lucan - impersonation

And introducing some very special guests:
Cantori featuring:
Jonathan Prentice - baritone voices
Lorraine Rowan - soprano voices
Nicki Clewlow - alto voices
John Wetton - vocals and back up vocals
Sarah Quilter - flute, saxophone, clarinet and vocals
Rob Booth - trumpet
Sabino Andreotti, Wai Lim Kai, Yun Hwa Son - various atmospheric voices

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Year Zero (2CD 10th anniversary edition) (digipak)
CD 57.89 zł