'Snaz (2CD) (digipak)
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CD 1:
1. Telegram: On Your Way / So You Want To Be A Rock'n'roll Star, Sound Check (Nazareth-Mc Guinn-Hillman) 5:53
2. Razamanaz (Nazareth) 4:20
3. I Want To Do Everything For You (Joe Tex) 5:10
4. This Flight Tonight (Mitchell) 3:28
5. Beggar's Day (Lofgren) 3:40
6. Every Young Man's Dream (Sweet) 3:41
7. Heart's Grown Cold (Cleminson) 5:34
8. Java Blues (Dankof) 3:56
9. Cocaine (Cale) 4:10
10. Big Boy (Cleminson) 5:00
11. Holiday (Mccafferty-Cleminson-Charlton-Agnew-Sweet) 3:24
12. Dressed To Kill (Mccafferty-Agnew) 3:36
13. Hair Of The Dog (Nazareth) 5:54
14. Expect No Mercy (Nazareth) 4:22
15. Shapes Of Things (Samwell-Relf-Mccarty) 6:10
CD 2:
1. Let Me Be Your Leader (Charlton) 4:45
2. Love Hurts (Bryant) 4:00
3. Tush (Gibbons-Hill-Beard) 4:34
4. Juicy Lucy (Nazareth) 4:13
5. Morning Dew (Tim Rose) 3:52
bonus tracks:
6. Java Blues (Live In Seattle)
7. Cocaine (Live In Seattle)
8. Big Boy (Live In Seattle)
9. Holiday (Live In Seattle)
10. Let Me Be Your Leader (Live In Seattle)
11. Dressed To Kill (Live In Seattle)
12. Hair Of The Dog (Live In Seattle)
13. Morgantau (German Version Of Morning Dew)
14. Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment)
Dan McCafferty - Vocals
Billy Rankin - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Manny Charlton - Lead Guitar
John Locke - Keyboards
Pete Agnew - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Darrell Sweet - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Recorded at the P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, on the 23rd May 1981
Mixed and produced by John Punter
Assistant Engineer: Howard Gray

Recorded on the Record Plant Mobile, L.A.
Engineered by Colin Fairley and David Bianco
Mixed at the Manor, Oxford

Sleeve Concept and Design by Alan Schmidt and Pat Carroll

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'Snaz (2CD) (digipak)
CD 50.89 zł